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One piece, but three stories, three composers, three young talents looking for their place in life and music. Moving forward together.

Come and be a part of Crossing Borders, a new concert work in three parts. Composed by three carefully selected talents – a music producer, an electronic composer and a rock musician – all in their twenties. All three of them have been through a period of hardships, living off benefits, and are using music as a catapult to create a new life. Their compositions are being performed by two irresistible classical singers, Signe Asmussen and Steffen Bruun Rørvig.

The concert begins with Before the human clouds came and continues with Deconstruction. Thereafter the third piece, The forest of my dreams is flooded by the water from my nightmares, concludes the concert. 

Crossing Borders is produced in cooperation with Copenhagen Music Theatre, the Danish Composers' Association and Askovfonden KBH+