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Some of the country's sharpest wordsmiths and freshest opera singers go on stage to challenge each other and a few of the prejudices about classic opera.

Once upon a time, the opera, with its cornucopia of drama, swollen emotions, quakes of existentialism, and melodic climaxes, was considered pure pop - on top of which, was provided by some of the world's hottest composers.

Over time, folklore has, arguably, faded and the CPH Opera Festival sees it as one of our most important tasks to introduce opera to music lovers, who have never imagined that opera could be worth listening to. We are building bridges between genres, between past and present, between people.

Twice this summer (at Roskilde Festival in July and Tivoli in August), we present OPERAP: Before The Fat Lady Sings, where an exquisite bunch of the country's sharpest rappers and freshest opera singers join each other on stage. They will not only be challenging each other's different vocal techniques, but also a few of the prejudices of classic opera that still exist, for example, that an opera always ends with arie sung by a lady in unusually good condition.

Rappers and singers are parred two and two and are equipped with a beat by hip hop producer and music manager DJ Noize, who has in his back pocket some of the most catchy sequences of opera history, created by geniuses like Mozart and Bizet. The Danish national team of young string players, DUEN, under the leadership of Morten Ryelund, will create atmosphere and flow between the rap numbers, tying the pieces together and creating synergy for the audience.