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Succesfull Swedish play mixes opera and new cirkus magic.

The coupling of modern opera and new circus equilibriumists from Circus Cirkör has attracted large houses in Stockholm’s Folkoperan, where Philip Glass' new modern-classic is being presented again in May for the second time in just two years. A few months later, Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of August, the company arrives in Copenhagen, where the opera's magically melancholic universe lives again at Folketeatret.

Satyagraha takes place in South Africa's gloomy apartheid period, where a young Mahatma Gandhi inspires a relatively quiet revolution in his native India.

Since the 1970s, Philip Glass has been one of America's most sought after composers. His music is not just minimalistic, it is also strong and hypnotic, and through his massive production of film music and his collaborations with other groundbreaking geniuses, such as David Bowie and Laurie Anderson, he has gained a considerable and dedicated fan base around the world.

Tilde Björfors, Cirkus Cirkör's artistic director, is responsible for the direction. She has created a piece that - in line with Philip Glass' typical style - removes time and space. She and Folkoperan are bringing with them to Copenhagen the artists, vocalists, choir and orchestra. There is much to look forward to.

This performance is a guest production of Folkoperan in Stockholm.