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A Greek avant-garde ensemble addresses some of the earliest lies of the time in a revered performance that brings Plato into the future.

The Cave is a cyberpunk opera about a popular topic – the matrix. On the border between opera, film and new technology, this radical performance calls on critical reflections of fake news and post-truth. It is a contemporary interpretation of Plato's famous Allegory of the Cave: Socrates is a robot and mythological creatures pass by like shadows from another world, a world like our own, so to say. We are challenged. We hide behind a shield of sarcasm and we close our eyes to the problems.

Puppet shows, new types of media, video and music are all performed and executed live by the four avant-garde singers and performers from the acclaimed Greek theater company, ODC Ensemble.

Aalborg Operafestival, Theatre Nordkraft, Aalborg University and CPH Opera Festival present The Cave in Denmark. 
The co-production is supported by the Cultural Ministry of Greece and the Danish Arts Council.