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In August 2019, Sort/Hvid and the CPH Opera Festival kill off Don Juan, dig him up and have a beer with his ghost at a nightclub. Every drop of cruelty is squeezed out of Mozart's 'Don Giovanni' in this new interpretation of Don Juan.

Don Juan is dead, his crimes have been avenged, pleasures have been punished. And now, a lewd ghost walks around the room. Through its victims, it sings about desire, destruction and punishment.

Director Christian Lollike and composer Mads Brauer from the band Efterklang previously collaborated in creating the Reumert-nominated opera LEAVES and are now placing their knife at the throat of the opera of operas. Together with the scenographic duo Ida Grarup and David Gehrt, they transform the theatre into a haunted nightclub. The beer foams with lascivious ghosts to the tones of Mozart's immortal music in Brauer's new interpretation. Get close to the drunkenness, afterlife and music.

DON JUAN is a collaboration between Sort/Hvid and CPH Opera Festival. The performance will be presented at Sort/Hvid as part of the Opera Festival in August, 2019.