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'Myth About Darkness' is a newly-composed tribute-opera to the author and social critic Elsa Gress.

Elsa Gress would have been 100 years old in January 2019, and although the Danish writer and social critic lived an unusual and stormy life, her and her centennial birthday have been tragically forgotten. This summer, the opera festival and NordicOpera right this wrong, when we gather a team to pay a powerful tribute to Elsa Gress; her insistent, engaged, intelligent dialogue and struggle for what must be true: brotherly love and its unseen potential; a fight against dullness, repression of the overlooked, the powerless, and the machining of mankind.

In Myth About Darkness, Elsa Gress' youth is weaved into the contemporary era in a beautiful and violent allegory - inspired by the Byron’s poem 'Darkness', which Elsa Gress translated to Danish.

This newly-composed tribute-opera is a myth of survival, that will infuse its audience with hope, courage, and the desire to continue to search, to wonder; to fight for tolerance and curiosity and against resignation and inaction.

Myth About Darkness argues that there are things worth fighting for, that not everything is up for discussion, and that we must at times stand firm. We must avoid catastrophes, and in Elsa Gress' own words: “Defeat the dirty corners of consciousness, the wild dogs in the basement.”

Award-winning playwright Alexandra Moltke Johansen has written the libretto, and in the spirit of Elsa Gress it is written with both a naive and intense desire to make a difference and challenge what she describes as "a boring, brutal and outdated society.” The musical universe is provided by the performance and sound collective We like We, with members Katrine Grarup Elbo (violin), Josefine Opsahl (cello), Sara Nigard Rosendal (percussion) and Katinka Fogh Vindelev (vocals). This talented quartet is classically trained, but nevertheless share the desire to push the boundaries of aesthetics with a mix of classical traditions and electronic effects. Their atmospheric and melodic soundscape is both surprising, varied and original.